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Lufkin, TX


Chiropractic Care in Lufkin, TX

When health concerns have you searching for a Lufkin, TX, chiropractic care clinic, call Chala Sports & Family Chiropractic. Our patients in Lufkin, TX, receive caring services from our experienced chiropractor. You might have a problem with shoulder pain that hurts all the time. Or perhaps you suffer from daily headaches caused by stress and tension. No matter what kind of condition you're suffering from, our treatments are designed to relieve your pain and make you feel better.

We use personalized therapy treatments to provide our Lufkin patients with general chiropractic services, and also to treat back, neck, and shoulder pain conditions. We work with headache, migraine, and arthritis chiropractic therapies. We're trained in extremity adjusting and are experienced in herniated disc rehabilitation. You'll appreciate having a massage therapist available at our modern facility. Our friendly knowledgeable staff can explain the tailored plans we have, and they also can help you with scheduling. We have experience treating professional athletes, so we understand the special needs of our patients involved in sports.

Soreness and stiffness can be vigorously treated with Lufkin, TX, chiropractic care from Chala Sports & Family Chiropractic. Many of our patients in Lufkin, TX, have grown accustomed to living with daily pain, and we'd like to encourage you to seek treatment if you're in this situation. In our experience, even long-standing health issues can be quickly improved with the excellent care we provide. You don't have to settle for feeling bad all the time when our services are reasonably priced, highly effective, and convenient. Call one of our staff today, and make an appointment to come in and visit us.