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Lufkin, TX


Back Pain Therapy in Lufkin, TX

When you're looking for a provider of Lufkin, TX, back pain therapy, get in touch with Chala Sports & Family Chiropractic. Our objective is to offer our patients in Lufkin, TX, high-quality care at reasonable prices. If back pain has been troubling you, and you've decided to reach out for relief, we can help. Whether your problems were caused by an accidental injury or developed over time due to a degenerative disease, our therapeutic care will bring you relief.

In addition to your back therapy, we practice general, neck and shoulder pain, headache and migraine, and arthritis chiropractic care. We're experienced with herniated disc rehabilitation and trained in extremity adjusting. Our Lufkin patients appreciate the tailored family care plans we have available. Our friendly knowledgeable staff and modern facility provide a comfortable atmosphere at our clinic. For your extra relaxation, we have a massage therapist available. We're dedicated to client satisfaction.

End your search for a chiropractic clinic that provides Lufkin, TX, back pain therapy with Chala Sports & Family Chiropractic. First we'll locate the source of your troubles, and then we'll use a variety of treatments that will relieve you of pain and bring you better overall health. Our use of chiropractic care enables our patients inLufkin, TX, to get on the path of wellness. We'll approach your case with personal attention and a customized set of treatments. When you have a condition that's hurting your back, call our office today to schedule a consultation.